California wants to help local businesses thrive. Thousands of companies just like yours have claimed substantial Federal and State tax incentives that encourage employer growth, entrepreneurship and economic expansion in California communities.  These tax incentive programs are very specialized and are often not familiar to even the more experienced CPAs or accountants.  In 2003 alone, California granted $300 million in tax credits to qualified businesses.  Yet, only 3,199 companies or less than 10% of eligible businesses claimed the total hiring credits.  Needless to say, these tax credits remain undiscovered by many businesses and are missing an opportunity to take advantage of the tax benefits available to them.

Enterprise Tax Services, LLC specializes in Federal and State employment credit programs to help businesses earn cash refunds on overpaid taxes retroactively up to 4 years as well as reduce, or in many cases, eliminate future State tax liability.  For almost a decade, our team of experienced professionals have claimed millions of tax refunds for local businesses throughout California.  We pride ourselves on a claim success rate of over 99% and for your peace of mind, we provide our corporate guarantee – if you don’t receive a refund or credit, you don’t pay us! Now that is a win-win situation.

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